Are javascript solutions saved to the public profile?


I have tried searching to learn the answer, but I am wondering if solutions for the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification are saved to the public profile.

When I go to view my profile and I look through the list of completed problems, when I visit the link it just shows the blank solution.

Is this the correct behavior? Or should it have saved on completion?

Alternatively, is there a way to link to an external resource with your solution like the Responsive Web Design certification?


If you are looking at your profile, you should see a button that says “Show Code”. Clicking on that will reveal the code you used for that project.

It does show my code now, thanks! Last night it didn’t (and didn’t even save the completed state to the course, forcing me to re-complete them).

If you run the tests and get that pop up that says you passed, you actually have to click “Submit and Continue” for it to save. Learned that one the hard way. :upside_down_face: