Are these courses thoroughly updated to 2021?

Hey, i am a newbie at coding here at FCC, i recently completed JavaScript course, and now i am heading towards React JS in front end libraries, i only wish to ask you guys, if these courses are updated for 2021, because bootstrap link provided was missing some features when i looked for them while doing a project of my own.

No, not all of the courses, some were written several years ago. There is a newer project-based part of the curriculum coming, but it’s not here yet. Most everything still applies, but for example with the React course it doesn’t use any of the newer React APIs, teaches Redux with an old API etc etc. Everything still works basically the same, but yes you will find that there are things missing, so you do need to be looking at (for example) the React documentation or the Redux documentation and the newer examples and tutorials they have there, not just FCC

So, need i look somewhere else for the missing part ?

Yes. Almost all the knowledge is still completely applicable, but some of it has been round quite a few years now so is showing its age.

You would need to look at other sources even if all of FCC challenges were fully up to date, you can’t rely on one source, but for example it would make sense for React, make use of the React website or for Redux, make use of the Redux website, or for D3 make use of the D3 website and so on. What FCC does that most other sites don’t is that it builds up the concepts without you needing to go through the process of configuring your computer for developing & installing the software needed, whereas most of those other resources do expect you to do that.

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