Should we expect a new ReactJS course anytime soon?

I’ve been following FCC to learn a lot of web development related stuff lately and I am totally loving it.

One thing i’ve noticed is that the ReactJS course on the website lacks some latest features like Functional Components, so should I expect any new course material for ReactJS on the website anytime soon or should I just start learning with the available material on the website?

I am already following 10hrs ReactJS video on FCC’s YouTube channel which was posted in October 2020, and it is pretty solid, I must say. But, I am a kind of a person who loves reading and doing.

Welcome, arsen1c.

In general, I recommend you check out the plans for the new version of the curriculum: What do you think of the 2020 curriculum updates? - Contributors - The freeCodeCamp Forum

This does include some new React content. However, it is unlikely there will be any additions/rewrites of the current format/version of the React content. So, you are most likely best starting with it anyway.

It is important to remember that a lot of code bases still solely use class-styled React. So, any information you get from the “outdated” content on the curriculum is still relevant, and might help you, depending on where you go from here.

Example: the freeCodeCamp platform still has many class-styled components in the codebase. So, if you want to contribute, it would be beneficial to know both the latest, and the previous. We are transitioning to functional-styled components with hooks, but this is a slow, non-essential process.

Hope this helps

Thank you very much. That cleared my doubt. I will stick to FCC Youtube video for now, since I am half way through that video and then I will come back to the course to solidify my understandings and to understand the difference between Functional and Class comoponents.

So that I can help in contributing to the transition from class-styled components to functional components.

Thank you.