How good is FCC?

FCC only teaches ES6 from 2015 and now it has even ES10 , 11, 12 so how can i learn it? And i guess things like jquery and react on this site are not uptodate right?
Should i still learn them via FCC? Can i get a job from FCC?
Thank you for any response!!

HI @minhtai !

I think FCC is great for creating a good starting foundation.
But it is also common for FCC users to have other resources to learn javascript.

There are plenty of great articles and videos that will cover the latest with ecma script.

Yeah, that’s true.
You won’t learn react hooks here but the front end cert is a great starting place.

I really like the react docs.
So you can also go through the docs and play around with the examples.

Well you are asking in the FCC forum so we will say yes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Use FCC as a base and then use other sources too.

There have been plenty of people that have gotten jobs after using FCC.
I would suggest reading through the “I got a job” posts in the #motivation section of the forum.
Read through their stories and learn what helped them get a job.

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Hello there,

This has been brought up before:

The crux of the matter is:

  • Every curriculum on the internet is outdated, from release. So, do not expect to come out of a tutorial/curriculum knowing everything there is.
  • Every major codebase is outdated, in one way or another - you have to know the outdated tools to use it.

And, ditto what @jwilkins.oboe said.

Hope this helps some.


Thanks you, i didn’t know what to do next when i realize things are not uptodate, and i am intending to become a self-taught so it is important to follow a good guide:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It really helpful, thank you really much.

Thank you really much

The curriculum isn’t out of date in the sense that it teaches anything deprecated. There are just some new features that have come out since the last major update (which was only a couple years ago, for context). In my opinion, the real core of freeCodeCamp is the JavaScript sections. They are way better than anything else I’ve seen online, free or otherwise. They won’t lead you astray and are foundational to anything that you learn beyond that.


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