FCC is Awsome. But

I am at the final stages of the Front End certificate. I think FCC is awsome, fun and well stracture.
However I also think it uses some unefficient (old) tools, when better (newer) tools are available. One example is Bootstrap. I made all of the my previous projects using Bootstrap. However, after learning about the newer Flexbox CSS module, Bootstrap feels to be a burden.
What is FCC approach on the matter? Are you planning to update the curricula? Do u have a list of resources for the newer tools?
Thanks in advance!


Hi, please check out the new curriculum at http://beta.freecodecamp.com which does cover flexbox. It is currently a work in progress :slight_smile:


The good/bad thing about the JS ecosystem is that old tools are constantly discarded in favor of new ones.

By it’s nature, a static curriculum can’t really keep up. But you can learn about the newest and greatest tooling, and apply it. Seldom do the FCC projects say “you must use tool X”., so go right ahead and use what works for you.

FCC doesn’t (and shouldn’t!) necessarily aim to teach you all the tools. It teaches you principles of webdev, using a certain set of tools. Once you pass through the other side, learning some new tools is relatively trivial and something you can do on your own.


FCC gives you a good path to follow, but sometimes (and it’s encouraged to do so) you have to break from the path of you want to implement something different on a project. I have used Semantic UI and other frameworks. I have also used flexbox. I did my Simon app in react. there is no hard and fast rule in accomplishing the projects. All that really matters is they fulfill the user story and you learned something along the way


Flexbox doesn’t replace Bootstrap, or vice versa. In fact, Bootstrap 4 uses flexbox for its grid system. You’re free to use whatever you want to use for your project and you don’t have to use Bootstrap just because you’ve learned it.


Woah! I didn’t know this beta version existed! When is it going to be ready?

If I started using the beta, would my progress get erased when the beta becomes official?

The new curriculum is now in beta testing. If you’re interested in being a beta tester (or just seeing what is coming) check out this forum thread. Here is a brief explanation of the decision to wait for a single large release.
When will then be now?


You are right. However Flexbox and the Grid are/will be vanilla css, not an addition (like libraries and frameworks), so IMHO if anything those parts should be tought.

Bootstrap is still very relevant today, it’s fairly different from CSS layout styles anyhow.

If you don’t have all the time to create components, such as button groups, alerts, panels, thumbnails, god i can go on and on, then bootstrap saves you all the time, effort, head scratching, blood, sweat, and tears from frustration. Granted, it won’t be THE MOST EFFICIENT code. Bootstrap attempts to make it as lean as possible too with their Customizable package.

I went through that stage too when everyone was talking crap about it. I even tried to create my own components instead but when I started to build some projects, Bootstrap is a time-saver.

You can also use CSS Flexbox with layout.

Oh and did you hear about CSS Grid Layout? Welcome to Web dev where everything you learn today will be tomorrow’s yesterday.