Ask for help popup

It’s a little frustrating when threads don’t always give enough context for the issues and I need to manually insert their code to figure out what’s going on. A lot of threads just have the description as “Describe your issue in detail here.”

I was thinking that maybe some kind of form can pop up on screens where users can enter all the context we need. This form would be some kind of modal.

This issue is being tracked on GitHub.

My concern would be that they wouldn’t fill out the form (which would require them to still confirm the post on the forum), and would just skip to manually posting on the forum with even less information.

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Potentially, but I suspect this requires so much more effort from Campers, they would be more likely to:
a) Fill in something (e.g. “I need help”, “Doesn’t work”)
b) Not post

I still vote we at least trial the form.

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I personally didn’t understand what the ‘‘describe you issue in detail’’ here meant at first.
Even just a empty field that pops up and asks to describe the issue might be enough.

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