Author Tribute Page Criticism

I was able to complete my tribute page. I don’t like the title and could not figure out how to make it any fancier. What do you think I can do to make this page better? All feedback welcome!

looks all good.

try playing around with the text-shadow css property on your title, maybe you can create something you like.

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The yellow used was too bright. I tried this:

Thanks! I’ll play around with the yellow. I want it to be somewhat similar to the yellow in the main photo.

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I went down on the saturation of the yellow, added shadow to the title, and did an effect on the photo. I think I like it better now.

Thanks y’all!

Are these supposed to look good on mobile too or is this just a basic lesson on how to do these on the web? Mine does not look good when I click it on my phone. :confused:

Using media query’s -->

You should change the margin of the text box and image on smaller screens. You can also set the width of the image to relative and height to auto. I would suggest doing this at 641px.

Current state:

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