Back ... with a fixed Twitch

The Twitch TV changed as I’ve checked in the latest posts.
Actually it became easier and with a cleaner code than before (to bad I didn’t kept the old, lol).
For me the best approach is to test the js/jQuery locally so you’ll have to create two keys, one for the localhost and the other for codepen (when publishing you must replace the keys).
The biggest change in my opinion was the dead links (that are a requirement) and now can be easily caught if you add the “error:” setting in the Ajax call.

I’ve returned from vacations (with my children) and had to replace my PC. I’ve also changed from Ubuntu to … Mint 18 :wink:

Very nice! I like the avatar you have for non-existent accounts. :thumbsup:

{"error":"Not Found","message":"Channel 'aydran' does not exist","status":404}
to more UX friendly. Something like: {account_name} does not exist.

Done :wink:
That was the original request.responseText from Twitch.