Basic Algorithms, but in Python


Because I found the algorithm challenges really useful back when I was learning Javascript, I decided to do them in Python too.

I have created this repository with the basic algorithm challenges with unit tests to check for the correct solution.

If that is useful to any of you, feel free to use my code. I also welcome feedback.


I was planning to do this in python as well, when I’m finished the JS version (actually debating if I should skip JS and just do it in python…)

This is great, thank you!

This is awesome! I’ve gotten all the way to the backend development part of the FCC curriculum (I’m doing it in order) without doing any Python, and given how popular it is in the real world I wish I had something like the JS section for Python.

Now we all do. Thank you so much.

If you want to do Web Dev, then learn JavaScript.

This looks like a really cool project! Thanks for sharing.

You should be good to use the same License wording as fCC uses, but you would be the new person licensing this derivative work.

ah, yes. I will change the license file. Thank you.

I’m definitely leaning more towards data analysis, but I’m wondering if it’s good to complete the JS work on fCC as well, because it includes some data visualization, DB etc. and maybe it’s just a good skill to have anyways.

I want to be very strong in python, which I love coding in, and I’m a bit worried learning JS might get me a bit mixed up. There are so many things which are similar, but different.

Or is that not worth worrying about and it’s better to just complete everything on fCC and specialize later?

Developers usually learn several languages. I use around a half dozen a year, or so. It’s totally OK to know both JS and Python!

Its easier to get hired without a degree as a Web Dev, so you may want to keep that option open. Its pretty risky for companies to hire self taught data analysts.

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