Basic Node Express Boilerplate link doesn't work

The boilerplate link on the Introduction to the Basic Node and Express Challenges doesn’t seem to work any more. You can click it and it sends you to Glitch, but during the import something fails and I get this message: “Arg, something went wrong. Try again??”

Inside Glitch, all the files in the app are blank with this message instead:

This document has been deleted outside of the editor.
Please run “refresh” in the console.

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Resolved it for anyone having troubles. You have to link your Glitch and Github accounts

  1. Have a github account
  2. In Glitch, click the project name (upper left)
  3. Click Advanced Options
  4. Link your github account.

It really should state on the introduction page that you HAVE to have a Github account, otherwise glitch will fail to work entirely.

Thanks a ton for coming back to add your solution. Helped me a lot.