Unable to Access Project in Glitch and Problem with Github link

I have started with the course - " Api and Microservices", but i am unable to share my progress. If I am pasting my Github link, it throws error (idk why), and Glitch just keeps redirecting me.

PFA the screenshots to understand the problem I am facing with Glitch.

It keeps redirecting me to https://glitch.com/edit/#!/lilac-sheet, and I don’t know how to proceed from here,

Also, for the first assignment, that is to add author to package.json, here is the github link that I was posting - https://github.com/Priyanka488/boilerplate-npm/blob/gomix/package.json. But when I post it as my solution, I get the error - :no_entry_sign: package.json should have a valid “author” key.

Please let me know, if I am doing something wrong.

Did you log into Glitch using a GitHub account? I know that for a while Glitch had a bug, where it wouldn’t get the boilerplate code if you didn’t have your GitHub account linked. I’m not sure if that bug is still a problem.

Have you found a solution? I’ve been able to start the project on Glitch from the link in the introduction after a few tries, but when I test the solution in the first exercise I get every kind of error. In fact, if I try to access my Glitch project from the Live App link seems non-existent.