Every time I click the link to Glitch it gives me a dud app


The link on this page, where it says " Start this project on Glitch using this link or…"

It gives me a dud app that doesn’t work, when I click server.js file it says to run refresh in the console.

The circles on the Tools tab in the bottom left corner keeps spinning.

Could someone give me a link to working app.

This is ridiculous.

I think that there is an issue with Glitch right now that causes a failure if you don’t have a GitHub account linked to your Glitch account.

is there a tutorial on how to link a github account to glitch?


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cool, I’ll try that.


OK that worked, but why didn’t it say to do that on FCC?

It’s a weird Glitch bug, not an FCC thing.

It’s not, FCC didn’t tell me to sign in with Github. It should at the start of the API lessons.

It should say it on this page here.


Why doesn’t it say it?

It doesn’t say it because it shouldn’t be necessary. When the FCC curriculum was written, this bug didn’t exist.