unresponsive and Github not working

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I tried setting up Glitch and I am just going around in circles on how to edit myApp.js. Either the file doesn’t appear on the left or it says “Something went wrong”.

Ideally I would switch to Git/GitHub, but I can’t figure out how to get that to work either.

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Challenge: Meet the Node console

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Try following the instructions here to install git and setup github. Once you get used to the few basic commands it really is the best way to manage your code versions. It’s worth persevering with.

I suggest you learn git and github with these super helpful videos from CS 50

Glitch has been very temperamental, these last few weeks. My recommendation is for you to get some experience with Git and GitHub. It will be vastly more beneficial, going forward.

@richgkav I should have clarified that I have Git installed and have forked the repo, cloned to my local drive, and tried editing myApp.js. I then tried pasting the URL to myApp.js in to the freeCodeCamp exercise solution, and that does not work.

@najme I don’t follow how that is helpful

@Sky020 I forked the repo to my Github. I tried pasting in the URL to myApp.js and it doesn’t work.

The tests need a link to your live project, not a repository. That’s why the URL isn’t working. :slight_smile:

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You have to paste the live app url from glitch to the validation url input box, not directly to the file. You can find it under the “share” button in glitch. But depending on what challenge you are working on glitch might have problems overall, I had a big issue with it in the past couple of days as well. You can find out more about that and a solution here

Glitch continues to be an issue. Found this: for hosting Node from my local comp and exposing to the internet. Thoughts?

I do not know anything about Ngrok, but many campers have used CodeSandbox, in the past. It is basically the same as Glitch, but more professional looking.

I cannot emphasise enough how much of a staggeringly bad idea this is. Technically, yes, you can do this, but allowing the internet at large direct access to your personal computer should self-evidently be an Extremely Bad Idea

Edit: ngrok is very useful, but you do not tell the internet what that tunnel url is, ideally it should only be ever exposed on a closed internal network.

As long as I don’t share the tunnel address then it’s fine. It was only up for a short time, and it did not work as a solution to this challenge. remains unresponsive and is now returning me 504 errors. Yay! What a day.

@joelcorey You can try using Codesandbox.

Here is a starter project you can fork and use for the challenges. Use the URL from the preview browser when you submit. does appear to be the solution here.