Beginner algroitthm tips

I just got finished with the title a case algorithm and it was pretty challenging. I felt like i could’ve done a better job if i had someone to work with but unfortunately i do not and the chat rooms take too long to respond or don’t respond at all to any of my problems. These are very challenging tasks especially for someone who is balancing school with this. I know free code camp isn’t gonna teach me everything i need to know to solve problems. So i would like to know if there or any other resources and tips you guys use to solve these problems.

what i found was nearly all the challenges required good knowledge of array and string methods and accessing objects … so work on them and you will do well … spend a bit of time on regular expressions as this is very handy … practice here and youll get the hang of them

Biggest help is understanding what your code is doing compared to what your expecting it to do … i use with console.log and if i need more info i use as i can use this to step through the code line by line and see what is going on and where im going wrong. And also i use the developer tools on chrome … so i spend a lot of time debugging …

So for me getting good at debugging is the number one thing you can do to get through the challenges …

Algorithms are all about problem solving. So any time you approach an algorithm challenge, do this:

  1. Restate the problem in your own words. Often times the problem seems much more difficult simply because of the way it is presented. So this helps you get a clear idea about what it is your trying to do.
  2. Break the problem down into smaller problems. This is some times hard to do. The way I think of it is like building a bridge. You need a good idea of what pieces will go into it.
  3. Define what variables your going to need. Remember that programming is all about storing data and manipulating it.
  4. Finally go step by step through it. I need this data to go from A to B and then to C.
    In general this is the approach I take. The biggest problem people have with algorithms is that they don’t understand the problem or they are not breaking the problem down into manageable pieces.

I’ve just finished all the algorithms in that section. I found the title case challenge one of the hardest, given the amount of knowledge you have at that point. My method involved looking for the spaces between words…

But in a later algorithm you’ll be introduced to .substr and .substring. I then went back to the title case one and redid it, coming up with a much more elegant solution.

These challenges are to get you thinking. Listen to what Josh says in his reply here.