Beginner groups

I’m in search of a group to join that’s just starting out like me. I’m new to web development and learning things on your own can sometimes be difficult. As the saying goes…Two heads are better than one.

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Great idea!!! Unfortunately I’m not a beginner per se. I know a lot of HTML, CSS, and JS. But this is a really good idea for people that are just starting up. It encourages you and your partners to keep going.

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The FCC community is a great place to facilitate your learning. If you are looking to work with new developers specifically, you can ask for someone to pair code with you (work through the curriculum together).

I also recommend joining the chat room, as it’s a great environment to get to know developers both new and old and share ideas.


How does the chat room work? How does everyone communicate?

Does this cost any money? If so, how do I cancel after I have joined?

Please answer me! If this isn’t what I thought it is I need to know now. I am feeling somewhat hysterical right now.

The chat room is free. It’s essentially an instant messenger service, along the lines of IRC, but with additional features.

No need to be hysterical. We are here to help!

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Whew! Thank you so much!

There is an optional subscription plan, called Nitro, but it is entirely optional. The features it offers are cosmetic, so you won’t be missing out on much. And when you sign up for the free account you don’t need to provide any kind of payment information.

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Okay, does it need to use my mic? Can I just text without using or having anyone else use it? Because it keeps asking me about my mic.

It doesn’t need your mic. That’s just for the use of voice channels, and FCC doesn’t have any set up for our server.

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Thank you so much! You saved me from having a terrible heart attack and an issue with my parents!

I am glad to help!

Once you’ve joined the server, if you’d like you can ping me @nhcarrigan there and I’ll help you get familiar with the platform.

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How do I send my message? Every time I press the + button. It pulls up my desktop.

Am I doing it right?

The + button is to add an attachment. To send the message, just hit Enter. :slight_smile:

Oh,duh. Thank you! :crazy_face:

Yeah, I’m in almost a dozen different Discord groups, to include the Free Code Camp one, and it’s 100% free and very easy to use.

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Hey there, I am also new to web development. Actually I had some tutorials on HTML and CSS but a pure beginner at all. I would like to be in a group of people who helps each other!