Newbies Discord?

Hi, I’m 26 and in desperate need of a career change, so I’m jumping down the web design/web development rabbit hole.

I’ve only just recently begun learning to code (learning the ins and outs of photoshop as well). I don’t even have a focus, as I’m just starting with CSS at the moment. I was wondering if there was anyone interested in starting up a discord (also new to me), for newbies to help motivate each other. My biggest issue is feeling stuck, lost, or completely confused. Seasoned vets are welcome as well if you’d like to offer guidance. I’m a bit intimidated with some of the massive discords that I’ve come across. Anyway, it anyone is interested or if you know of a smaller newbie discord that is already established, that’d be great.


Hi, just to let you know you’re not alone =) It’s gonna be difficult, frustrations, depression, smashing your laptop or even your own head :stuck_out_tongue: but in the end you are building your own magical ideas into real life and it all worth it.
The key is never stop, keep pushing! I am 29, was a hotel staff, chef with 0 background of CS/IT started coding last year. It was difficult but you just need to focus and moving with flow.
Google everything you don’t understand. Try to figure out the questions by break it into small pieces slowly you will get there.
This is the link to discord of unofficial FCC group :Unofficial FCC .
:beers: cheers :blush:


Thanks for the encouragement! I’m excited about all of this. About that discord, I can only join when I use a VPN. I’m currently in South Korea and I think it’s region-restricted or something. I don’t know if it will be a problem in the future if I use the discord app on my phone or am using the internet without a VPN.


Joining a group to help each other is a great idea, you can certainly search on google for developers slack or discord groups and I can guarantee that you will find some. By the way, the FFC community is awesome, you can post your questions here and people will be happy to help, you are not alone in this journey.

I think the best thing about this career is the community, plenty of people out there willing to help.


i just posted about same thing days ago. i feel the same and also think we can help each other out. check out this discord


Hi @Sophi-E I joined! Keeping a Discord going long term can be a challenge, but if you stick with it, you can really grow it.


Wonderful thank you! I’ll join now!

oh wow! this is nice. Thank you.

Would you be so kind to post the link to the FCC group again madbitmax?
I tried to join but it says the invite is no longer valid.


basically, you need to have a mind set that its easy, its just a language, you are not under any pressure, take your time and learn it, google it. am also a newbie. we meet at the top


I’m new here in the community of FCC, I just joined to the Discord! :slight_smile:

Let’s to this! :muscle:

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New to FCC and just joined the Discord channel. See you there. :slight_smile:

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Hello! You really are not alone! I’m 32 and I started learning to code a few months ago. I feel frustrated at times too but this year I’m more motivated to change careers and I also want to connect more with people who are in the same page as me! Could anyone send the link to the discord again please? I would like to join the group and participate here as well :slight_smile:

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Unofficial FCC discord. this link expires in 1 day since i reply

Thank you so much!!!

I’m an absolute beginner to coding but I’ve just joined the Discord channel too! :muscle:t5:

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@Sophi-E Thank you very much for the Discord …I just Joined

Yes I would be interested also what about coworking

I just joined as well, excited about another means of building a professional network and getting/giving coding helpz! Thanks, @Sophi-E!!


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