Beginner guides or resources for freelancing

Hello everyone,
I would like to request some useful resources or courses for freelancing. I had searched from the internet but I don’t get such a certain resource and got confusing by doing that. That’s why I’m requesting from here, anyone who has experience with freelancing please share your experience.
Thank you


If you want some free resources, you can head over to and their blog is chock full of freelancing resources.

You can also go to

and in the searchbar type in freelancing

I’m actually on the same boat as you as I am also just starting out freelancing (nothing too serious as I still have a lot to learn)


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Cy499_Studios, thank you for your sharing, these resources are very useful for me.

Hey @shinn_thant Check out Pyjama Profit by Varun Mayya, it’s one of the best books I’ve read on freelancing.

You can also check this ebook - The Customer Funnel - Kickstart Your Freelance Journey

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Thanks you, I will check this book.

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check out "Ten++ Ways to Make Money as a Developer" eBook

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Thank you… I appreciate it…

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