Beginner problems

Idk if im doing something wrong or just not smart enought. but after i go through the tutorials and then to a quiz where you have to do it all on your own. I just get lost and don’t no where to begin. im at basic javascript 80% tutorial… Did you guys have the same problem? and how did you solve it?

Hi @dumleh30 !

Welcome to the forum !

It is completely normal to struggle with javascript.

Especially when you are being asked to put everything together you have learned so far to solve a challenge.

It is one thing to have to complete a task just using one method.
But when you are asked to use multiple methods to solve the challenge it does become difficult.

You will also run into this issue when you get to the algorithms sections.

Just take your time, do extra research and ask questions.

But the key to realize that everyone goes through this and it is normal to struggle at times.

Happy coding