Confusion with javascript

I am very confused with javascript i can not do anything even in hours. How can i solve my problem.i already study basic but it makes me crazy.

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do you want general advices or help with a specific challenge?

if it is for a specific challenge you need to post your code and challenge link or description
please also include what kind of help you need

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So you are a begginer? Even I didnt understand javascript when i just got started… dont worry eventually you will understand everything
Just post your doubts here


Hey @Feruz,

I know it’s not that easy as it seems. I have been struggling for days too. The challenges could be hard to understand at some times.
How about researching the topic you have stuck?
By the way, you shouldn’t be forcing yourself to pass everything in few minutes. As far as I see, the challenges are there to make you think and work on it. It can take hours, days, or weeks. It’s your own pace, no need to rush.


Actually i need advice generally for confusion and fear.thank you.

try using this way of solving algorithms:

research on google stuff

and if you are really stuck, ask for help on the forum