Best books/courses on problems that use the applications of algorithms from various corner/edge/all cases

The best way is to program them. I know, but I don’t want to go that route.
When I learnt physics, I looked for something like “solved problems in physics”, did each of those problems in exercises(by myself, not by looking at solutions) and solved ones. And voila, I was a master of physics for my class.

I’m looking for similar kind of approach for algorithms.

Here’s my requirements:

  • First there should be some “dry run” kind of problems. Problems which require me to traverse the algorithm step by step to solve them. For example: Find the shortest path using djikstra algorithm.

  • Second type of problems should be something that apply the corner cases, edge cases and multiple ways to approach the problem using that algorithms.

  • Third layer of problems should be problems that require me to use that algorithm in code. Leetcode problems are good variant of this. Cracking the coding interview type of books. Do recommend some udemy courses if you’ve them in mind. I heard good things about CP bible in udemy.

That’s all I want. I need problems, structured and limited in #

I’d argue that you were a master of repeating memorized problems.

What is your intended goal in memorizing a ton of algorithms? Memorization of algorithms can be useful to make interviewers think you are more skillful, but otherwise is pretty useless.

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You learn by solving “solved problems”, “unsolved problems”, then you can do any problems if you encounter them. So you’re discouraging practicing and building concepts by doing problems? I get it what FCC stands for!

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Yes. Memorizing what other people did isn’t solving problems though.

Nope. I’m encouraging actually doing problem solving instead of memorizing stuff.

Yes freeCodeCamp is about doing, not memorizing.

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