Best course on bootstrap to learn bootstrap for someone who requires more mentoring?

I’m struggling with frontend. Although my basics of html,css are clear, I’m having trouble in building websites and I’m just putting baby steps towards it. Thus a guidance from a mentor would be really helpful to me in learning. If I don’t find any resources, my plan is to just google and read till I understand.

I want to ask this question because I wasted lots of time in the past in bad resources. I bought “CSS Cookbook”, turns out it was heavily outdated. I bought Jonas’s CSS course in udemy, turns out it wasn’t right fit for me because it was unnecessarily project heavy. But imo you make projects on your own rather than by watching and copying others make projects.

So, recommend me a course that teaches bootstrap basics and maybe guide me towards building a website using html,css and bootstrap. I’m asking this question so that I don’t waste more time on bad resources.

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Brad Traversy’s Bootstrap Crash Course gives a good introduction to the essentials of Bootstrap

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I am not sure I understand your level of comfort with html and css, but have you tried freeCodeCamp’s responsive web design curriculum?
It leads you through increasingly difficult projects to teach you enough html and css to create websites on your own.
fCC also has the front end development curriculum which includes bootstrap.
Let me know if you need links to these.

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@gerhynes mentioned Traversy - his stuff is always good.

I would also add to not obsess about “mastering” things like bootstrap. BS is great for reusable components with a similar look and feel. But most of it is fairly simple.

I think a good approach would be to read through the documentation and just learn as you go. Most of the stuff is pretty simple - using their Button, for example. There are some harder concepts, but read the docs, try their examples, mess around with them, check for videos… This is closer to what devs do. There usually isn’t a course, usually you have to check the docs and Stack Overflow.

And again, I wouldn’t worry about mastering it - statistically, you’re probably not going to get a job needing BS. It’s good to learn the basics so you have something for your portfolio projects and learn some basic concepts, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


is 1hr enough for bootstrap? Some are teaching bootstrap for 1 hr whereas some are teaching it for 20 hrs. I’m confused.

yes, share the link.

The responsive web design which has projects that you can use to practice html and css

And the bootstrap curriculum is here

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