Best place to make tech friends?

Wassup. I am just recently diving in to coding and i’m hungry to get my feet wet! If anyone could point me in the right direction as to where/how to find peers on the same path as me that would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: thanks in advance.


The #codenewbie Twitter chat.

The #100DaysOfCode Twitter hashtag. (look for fcc or other tech meetups in your area).

Facebook groups (many local FCC meetup groups have a FB group).

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Hey @JacksonBates, I’ve been thinking about hitting up for a while, I’m generally a pretty introverted person, so I’m kinda hesitant. Would you be able to share any experiences from there? I saw that Melbournes group has 1000+ members, how many people are usually at the actual meetups? what sort of benefits did you get out of going to these?

The Melbourne FCC meetup has waned a bit I think, but I haven’t been to one for nearly two years now.

The most I ever saw attend was around 30 people. Lots of people RSVP but don’t show, and the list of ‘members’ includes people that have never been or haven’t been for a long time.

I found it to be a great way to build community and get encouragement, though. Putting yourself forward for lightening talks is a great way to meet people, because it makes it easy for people to chat to you about something afterwards.

I wrote this last month:

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