How does one find out about coding meet ups in your area?

Hi, I’m trying to start following Quincy’s advice of trying to hang out with people who also code. How do you find out about freecodecamp meetups?

I personally use There are over 100 tech meetup groups in my area, some of which I joined even though I don’t know anything about them, just because. :wink: Don’t limit yourself to freeCodeCamp meetups per se, because there are Meetup groups for just about every tech stack or language that exists.


Look for hackerspaces in your area. They are amazing places where you can meet incredible people and learn fun and exciting stuff!

The following is a link to various local FCC groups.

Most FCC groups have active facebook groups you can start with a group search in your area on facebook

Also another question, who here has gone to one and what are they like?

I attend one in Santa Clara off and on since January this year. Each group runs things a little differently, but the Santa Clara group tries to have 3-4 topics and then they divide everyone into smaller groups depending on which topics interest you. For example, one group might focus on interview questions (i.e. white boarding problems) and algorithms and another group might focus on learning the basics of React. There always is a third group for those who have just started to learn coding in general or who are at least new to JavaScript and so they focus on basic JavaScript.

Some groups bring in guest speakers to discuss current technology trends or put on a training class (i.e how to use git and github).