Best program to take notes

I noticed that it is easy to forget things when you do not take notes. I want to redo some parts of JS in order to make sure I understand and can reference things later.

What program should I use to do so?

I tried using Google docs, but that does not have the ability to display or format code by default in a nice/ easy way. is the opposite. I can display and format the code nicely, but having large amounts of comments w/ paragraphs of text is annoying to work with.

It does not need to able to run the code, just display it nicely. I would really prefer Markdown or any varients of it because it is easy to display formatted code with it.

Any ideas? I would like to avoid browser extensions as I can’t download anything to school computers (which I use half the time), so having an online markdown or any other note-taking app would be nice.

Hello, michael.

I often use Microsoft Word with LaTeX. This has proved quite handy for how often I note down equations with code, and the formatting can be done using MarkDown/HTML.

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Would this work for Microsoft word online w/ One Drive?

From what I can see on my account, no. You can always type it out in word, considering it is just plain text, then open it up in a LaTeX environment later, but if you are not very familiar with the syntax, this is asking a lot, and there will be better ways.

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Hi @michaelnicol,
I use emacs + org mode, something like this:

There is another thread that maybe can be useful:

How do you organize your notes, files, screenshots, bookmarks [productivity tools]

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

Personally I’d recommend anything that would get out of your way. Meaning, not having to learn anything new, anything where’d you’d spend time editing and formatting. Something you can access quickly.

Figure out if you really need to make that many notes, or write so much down for a simple thing, or is a quick glance enough to remind you that it’s there. Think about it like this, you take a quick couple of minutes to do the lesson, but you spend double the time trying taking notes. If it takes you longer to take the notes and review them, it’s cheaper time wise just to go back to the lesson and review it there.

“Ahh, there’s so many lessons to waft through to find what I forgot,” you say. Okay, write down the language, the datatype it works on, the name of the method and it’s args. Done. No markdown needed, no having to learn latex, or how to incorporate it into another project. You’re not trying to document the documentation, you’re just trying to make it meaningful, and it’s useless if it’s cluttered.

There is a philosophy, and it’s the vim philosophy. Here’s the meaningful tangent: Keep your hand on the home keys, be able to jump to what you need and make the changes. Trimming milliseconds for everystep for ten years will save you hours. It’s about being efficient by being minimal.

I’ve contemplated using a simple command line task taking program called “t”, I currently have it installed and I have added several different calls to it in my bashrc file. Then I’ve modified my bash prompt to show my “t” aliases and number of entries.

Example (t, to, tn) are open different task files:
Screenshot 2020-03-08 at 2.07.33 PM

I recommend at least checking out their readme on github for a brief overview for the concept of having your notes app out of your way.

As an aside, I have scrapped all the lessons and ripped out their certificate category (SuperOrder), the category (Order), title, and description and put them in a sqlite db. Then crudely slapped minimal code just to get it to display, and tossed it into django. It works, but it’s ugly. The idea was to be able to quickly flip through the lessons without all that load, possibly adding a search. If anyones interested, I may decide to finish it and throw it up somewhere.

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Use Github as a note taking app.

I used a git based note taking system back when I was going to school, mainly so I could take notes in a transparent terminal. More recently I take notes mainly so I can get them on all my computers, and review them online.

Github does the following:

  1. Its free
  2. Its online
  3. It provides markdown with excellent syntax highlighting
  4. Its relevant for development
  5. It provides git based version control

Personally though I don’t take to many notes, only set myself tiny reminders or links to topics I should read/review. For stuff like that I actually use Google Keep which is like a todo/note taking app available as an online app, and mobile app. Its great for more generic note taking, but isn’t really for code related tasks.

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incase youre using linux try Joplin

I really like Evernote

But for for my to-do-list I use Google Keep

I use Evernote for all kinds of notes, even source code.

damn thats actually a good idea. i thought i was slick when i started using it for a photo dump lol

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Does Joplin have a split-screen/live preview side-by-side panel?
I had looked a Joplin when I was looking for a Note-Taking app for a whole different purpose, which Joplin was not the best for. :confused:

I would like to find a program/app that I could use on Linux Mint 19.2 and Android 9 Tablet that works/looks like the tutorial pages here in FCC; so, that I can practice outside the lessons with other things :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help and advice. :slight_smile:

yes joplin – github has split screen/ live preview

its only availible for linux distros
avalable on windows/macos/linux

you can save your notes automatically to dropbox/googledrive/locally so theoretically you can access your notes from anywhere

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Thank you for the quick reply.
So, Joplin’s split-screen/live preview is only in their Linux version?
Cause one of they reasons they made my other note taking short list was that I could Linux and Android them . :smiley:

I guess, I will have to bite the bullet sooner rather than later and git comfortable with GitHub. :smirk:

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my mistake. the github page its available on everything — joplinapp,com

so yeh this is definitely something youd wanna check out

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Thank you! I will! :slight_smile: