Best programming language in 2018

Hi guys who is the best programming language

Number one is Cobol, two is ColdFusion and three is LabVIEW. Becoming proficient in all three will set you up for life with those sweet sweet programmer funbuxx

Edit: in all seriousness, it’s like me asking “what’s the best car?”, and one answer might be some super-engineered sports car but trick question! I have a baby so the sports car is completely useless as it has no back seats to put a car seat in (so I can’t legally drive my baby anywhere) and no space for a pram, and anyway it’s about £100,000 out of my price range

A programming language is a tool designed to do a specific thing, and as specific programming languages are used for different things, there isn’t any such thing as “best programming language” as it’s completely contextual, the question doesn’t make sense.

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