Best resources to learn Algorithms?

I am looking for books or courses that teach algorithms well enough for an “intermediate” programmer. What are the best ones you have been able to find?


Hello, I’ve also been looking for resources regarding algorithms. Ones that I’ve been able to find so far (but I haven’t spent the time to look at these in depth) are:


I’m interested in this subject too. It would be great to have a curated list of algorithms specifically for web development. Top coding bootcamps, like Hack Reactor, teach their students the data structures and algorithms that they might actually use in web development, as opposed to everything covered in a CS course on the subject. It would be great to have a list so we know which ones to put our effort into.

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I think the Khan Academy course on Algorithms is one of the best, also you can practice writing algorithms of different types yourself on codewars or some other competitive programming sites where you can actually try and implement whatever you have learned to make your algorithm faster.

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It can help to have a visual reference for algorithms, as they can be quite abstract:


I’m also starting to dive deeper in this topic.

One of the better articles that I’ve read is this -

The author encourages readers to read through this -

Apparently, he obsessed over topcoder for two weeks. Thereafter, try the practice questions or past competitions. It’s not that straightforward though. Having said that, I have yet to try the practice questions.

I’ve enrolled myself in the Coursera Data Structures and Algorithm specialization. You may want to look into that too.


Algorithms: Design and Analysis has just relaunched. It’s a two part course and it’s very much at the university level. While it is an introductory algorithm course, Professor Roughgarden has not made “Algorithms for Dummies” and if you can make it through all of the assignments, you will understand more about algorithms than most web developers. If there’s not already a section on these forums for this course, there should be, and any fCCers taking it should study together. I’m going to commit to actually turning in all of the assignments this time.


Check out HACKRANK’S Algorithm Challenges :wink:

@PortableStick Thank you!