Best route to achieve employment in the FinTech sector?

Does anyone have any insight/experience in the best way to break into FinTech as a dev?

I am currently learning JS and plan to learn Python next (dabbled with it a bit before).

I like JS as it’s becoming more and more powerful and overall I think it’s useful to know.
Am I right in assuming that Python is more widely used in FinTech though?

What are some things I should be learning and keeping at the forefront in pursuing a career change into a dev role for one of the various FinTech sectors? (I’m shooting for Real Estate FinTech, but honestly there are about a handful or more that I’d be happy with).

My background:

  • Finance degree
  • Insurance/IT Auditing/Digital Marketing Experience
  • Have been self-employed in the Internet Marketing field for 7 years
  • Licensed real estate agent
  • Pretty familiar with higher-level programming concepts.
  • Not fully at-ease and comfortable coding yet, but am practicing more to remedy this.

Things I’ve done that are ‘coding related’:

  • Migrated websites and setup hosting
  • Created child themes for WordPress themes
  • Created small widgets/plugins for WordPress
  • Tons of HTML/CSS layouts,tweaking, and design work
  • Hired programmers to build plugins I designed and tweaked those plugins myself
  • Built Excel macros at my corporate job prior to self-employment
  • I did a MERN bootcamp as well, learned a lot but it was rushed.
  • I think I finally understand React & purpose of Redux. Now need practice.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I’m happy to provide more context and/or specifics.

First welcome to the forums.
In my humble experience with finance. Even in Financial Technology, there are a lot of positions and they tend to be heterogeneous.
Considering your profile and assuming you only want to dive in the sector, and not in a specific job:

  1. Crow funding development.
  2. Transactions Analyst
  3. Business Development Specialist.
  4. Agile Coach
  5. Product Manager (Of financial services)
  6. BI Analyst
    You are free to take the advice or not. In any case I made it based on the description of your profile and intentions.
    Best Wishes

You seem to be well qualified for the job. At least for some roles there. You won’t be a senior developer, that’s for sure but I believe that’s more than enough experience for a tester or a managing position. If you’re unsure, just create a specifically fintech website for your portfolio. That might increase your chances significantly. Here’s a good guide on fintech landing page design

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