Fintech career......start

the online degree im starting allows me to choose to focus on either java or C++.

I know in fintech Python is the best to learn so since the school does not offer that i will learn that on the side.

Can anyone here who has a fintech job tell me if i should do the java or C++ in my degree?

Also has anybody done a fintech bootcamp?

What is fintech? :thinking:

I think it is about technology in finance - don’t know more than that tho

I would have guessed that! Never heard of “Fintech”!!

I don’t think the language you learn is so important. Any junior dev will be expected to learn as they go along.
Knowing principles is more important.

again, can anybody in the financial sector give me input on this point

I’m essentially working in the insurance sector (telematics) currently, so relatively similar (we use “insuretech” in sales presentation stuff, but it doesn’t really mean anything). There’s a vast array of different jobs and skills required under the umbrella of “fintech” – it’s kinda just business jargon*. There aren’t really specific technologies/languages until you drill into what subsector you’re working in, because it’s very dependent on what job you’re doing

Why do you think that? I assume you have a specific role or area in mind if that’s something you want to focus on?

* edit: not quite meaningless jargon, as it’s currently often used technically to refer to companies (obvs financial sector) that use {insert arbitrary tech} for financial purposes and are licenced/regulated by a central bank authority (following IMF policies) – Bank of Lithuania, for example is handing out lots of licences to companies described as fintech (due to Brexit, mainly). But what they do/techs they use vary wildly

yeah i want to get into managing trading algorithms in New York and options traders tell me that its all in python

I guess, it’s dependent on company and finding specialised skills for competitive advantage but C/C++ (with some Assembly for specific parts), Java, Python are probably all safe choices. I know there are companies using OCaml for example, or even wierd esoteric stuff like APL but they’re in the minority

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It kind of depends on the degree and the job you want.

Java/C++ is a fairly normal focus for a computer science degree. A more career focus degree like a data science master might opt for something more field-specific, languages like python/R/Julia/MATLAB…etc.

If you’re a complete newcomer to programming and development, then it really doesn’t matter. You need a language to help you learn the basics and have a foundation. Java/Python/C++ are all long-established language with tons of resources out there to help you study and learn.

At the end of the day what’s important isn’t the programming language, but programming itself, and that stuff is language agnostic. You can always just learn another programming language if you know what you’re doing.

Learning python wouldn’t be a massive leap if you already know how to code in Java and C++. The question really shouldn’t be what language you should focus on, rather does the curriculum you’re studying helps get you where you want to go.

thanks so much for your advice. your last statement really hits my focus “rather does the curriculum youre studying helps get you where you want to.”