What should I learn as a someone majoring in Finance?

Hello, I am currently in my first year of Bachelors (Finance). I want to learn information systems that will help me down the path. A friend of mine suggested learning Python, Pandas and numpy. I don’t have any idea in this field. So, it would mean a lot if you guys could provide your valuable insights here.

Thanks a bunch.


I am not a finance major. However based on my small experience with python, I think your friend made a good suggestion.
In fact, there are whole books dedicated to the subject of python for finance (one eg published by O’Reilly and it is called Python for Finance).

FCC also offers a python course here (more than one actually).

I think on possibly the extreme end of your learning journey you may also look into learning about how artificial intelligence is used in trading.

So definitely look into python to start (here on FCC for eg) and take it from there.

People in finance also learn coding because today’s markets are all run on computers.
There is a whole field called fin-tech that people can major in.

If you read the post above you it should answer your question


At the same time, there is a risk of leaving finance and going into software development :slight_smile: