How to get a job in FinTech?

Hello there,

I’m currently a Jr React Developer in a startup. I’ve been there for about 4 months and I have learned so much!

I came up with this thought of “Which sectors in Software Development Industry are the most profitable?”. Most people would say that FinTech is probably the most profitable besides the the big well known companies.

Then I realized that would be cool to know what kind of skills are needed to land a job in FinTech industry as a Web/Software developer.

Practically, with the skills you have now, it isn’t likely to be different. Financial companies still need UIs built, and the way you build them is the same as anywhere else. In general, the programming jobs that make serious money (the canonical stereotype would be a quant) involve writing algorithms to model financial transactions, and require domain knowledge – programming is a tool to do specific things, so start out by looking at what you want to do. Then you look at what programming (or programming-related thing) is used to help to do that thing.