How common is it to get an online job

Hello, community! So, basically. My question is how common is it to find a job where I can work remotely and start a new career online. I live in the middle east, and so I have extremely low expectations of finding local jobs as a coder. The perfect scenario for someone like me would be to find an online job where I can get paid in cryptocurrency, since services like PayPal are out of the question.


Idk of any ‘legit’ employers paying in cryptocurrencies tbh

If r/digitalnomad is anything to go by it’s not entirely rare for fully remote jobs, though the odds of many people here knowing how best to go about it are quite slim

here’s hoping someone can answer your question though

can you educate yourself in software development fields that nearby employers are interested in?
(if you search for jobs in your area and try to learn the things these employers want you might have a better chance of getting a local job)

In my area of the world, remote software dev. jobs are not common sadly. (even though we have a lot of startups and many jobs on offer) Employers in my area tend to value face-to-face communication more. I have seen though some remote work offered for volunteers, I guess when you’re working for free, you get to work from home…

I think you can try the online marketplace like upwork, Fiverr, freelancer or people per hour.

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