Chances of a self taught dev getting a remote job?

Hi all,

I am studying like crazy, but my ultimate goal is to be able to apply for remote working jobs once I have got good enough to build a portfolio. A lot of people say they learned on the job a lot of stuff, I need a work from home job to care for my partner so really hoping I am on the right path here.

Any advice appreciated, especially first hand from those whove done it

I tried many remote jobs even with a great portfolio, but never got accepted.

Freelancing is a viable option.

Yeah, it’s really tough. Companies tend to look for candidates with at least 2-3 years of experience. And often times that experience doesn’t mean someone knows or doesn’t know to code.

What I worry with freelancing is I have 8 years plus sales and admin experience, yet finding freelance work through that is near impossible with the amount already doing it.

I guess with web dev I can start my own business doing it and not rely on places like fiverr etc that as far as I’ve gathered is a waste of time

Thanks guys

Another rare path could be to learn web development but just as a nice, smooth path to data analysis or machine learning. The benefit of this is you have a way more organic knowledge of IT, I believe.

There are loads of people learning both, web dev and data science, but if you can create web pages using the named tool (I mean, including data analysis techniques and new stuff), then I believe they will want you.

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I’m currently learning AI&ML. It seems to me as a natural next point of coder’s evolution path. It’s very interesting field with a lot of potential in years to come. Imagine just applying those skills on a quantum computers in hopefully not too distant future. :exploding_head:

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