A developer job online

I’m kind of a beginner in programming but I would love to work online with the skills I’ve acquired through programming . So please can anyone help me find an online programming job

Hi @albertafrifaasante36!

For remote jobs, you could look into the typical job sites like indeed, or glassdoor. You could also try stackoverflow jobs or We work remotely

You will need a good resume and portfolio to land an interview.

If you are interested in the freelance route than you could check out sites like Fivver or freelancer.com

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Wow ,okay thank you so do you mean that they won’t give me the job if I don’t have any working experience

Well, if you are applying for a junior developer job it would be nice to have some experience.

But if you don’t, you still need to show them a resume and portfolio of projects you have worked on.

They need to see your code.

I would suggest combing through the previous posts on portfolio reviews to hear what makes a good portfolio.



Okay I’ll do so thanks

Yeah, Jessica is right, +1 on everything she said. Just for emphasis…

Yeah, it’s really hard to get that first job. No experience is a big impediment. Asking them to let you work remotely, without direct supervision, on your first job - that’s even harder. Granted it’s a little easier in covid world, but still hard.

But building up your portfolio and learning lots of cool stuff - that helps a lot. Doing freelance stuff is good too. Working on a project with some friends is good too (it shows you can work with a team.)

As she says, this overlaps with a lot of questions so there is a lot of good advice on the forum.

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Yh thanks for the advice. I will try to dive further into programming before I apply for a job

It’s hard - you hear stories like “study coding for 3 months and get hired!” That’s nuts. It may have happened a few times, but it is not typical. Realistically, you’re looking at at least a year most likely, possibly two or more - unless you are very gifted, put in an insane amount of hours, or are very lucky.

I’m not trying to discourage you, just to set realistic expectations.

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How far along are you into your studies?

You said you are a beginner, but what have you learned so far?

Reason why I ask is because if you started the curriculum a few weeks ago then it will be really tough to find work with your current skill set.

But if you have gone through a few certifications and build some side projects then you could assess what you still need to learn in order to become job ready.

Yh you right I just started a few weeks ago trying to learn javascript

Keep in mind that even after you learn new things and finish your own projects alone or with friends, you will still face big difficulties to get a remote job. In fact, Mr. Kevin told me that is the hardest part. Especially without experience.

IMHO, the best approach is to make programming your lifestyle and have a very powerful intrinsic motivation that will allow you to keep learning and going without having fear of missing out. Sometimes only passion cannot give you this.

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Okay you’re right man. Thanks for the advice