Looking for junior level remote job

I m looking for a remote job of junior developer with 1 year of experience . Is it possible to get it ? any leads would be appreciated .Also don’t tell me about upwork or other freelancing sites .


I m curious if anyone here got hired via LinkedIn. Is LinkedIn a good source in general or is over rated?

LinkedIn works fine, it’s for recruiters, and they scan for skills/experience; for my last four jobs (last 8 years) I’ve been hired three times via LinkedIn (and once via GitHub search). Caveat is that experience seems the key driver: as far as I can remember it was once I had two years working under my belt that I started getting hammered by recruiters on the site

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This is not a terribly common thing, and you’ll need to be very lucky. There’s no issue with remote work but as things stand (and for the foreseeable future) it’s mainly going to be for those with experience. This is for some very sensible reasons – eg it’s generally much easier to train people in person. And it’s for [sometimes less sensible] trust reasons – developers and software development are very expensive things, and companies traditionally like keeping an eye on employees in person


I never worked in web development, I only have some personal projects I worked on. Atm besides web development skills, I have included some of my previous jobs totally not related to web dev field. The thing is for recruiters it appears where i worked last time. Should I include my personal projects in the experience section, (even tho it’s designed for real experience) ? I m thinking that if I do that they won t see that the last job as the first thing when they check my profile, but at the same time I don t know having personal projects and not working at a real company and having to put “freelancer” or “work from home” as a workplace, it seems weird to me.

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Yeah, if you have worked freelance then put that, don’t think it’s wierd. Fill in your skills. Personal projects…dunno if you’ve much choice but to put them on. Just a link to GitHub with them on would probably often do. It’s not easy. As I say key thing companies and recruiters want is experience. And as I said in reply to naimiii, software development and developers are very expensive, and financially risky. So despite the vast need for developers in almost all industries, the [financially sensible] bias is very heavily in favour of experience rather than training up juniors. This is, I know, not useful to you in your current position: it is often hard getting your foot in the door.

Just as an FYI most will be using automated tools to collect matching profiles and extract useful information.

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Thank you for your advice.


It may be difficult, but definitely possible. There are jobs out there, but I think a lot of people are looking for similar positions. My advice is to make sure to check out job boards daily. Indeed is probably the biggest one, but there are also a lot of “remote only” job boards that post some good stuff.

FWIW I was hired as a full time junior dev for a remote only company a few years ago. I found the posting on Shoptalkshow.com job board.

Good Luck!


Alright ,thanks for the useful advice .

Indeed never gives me a remote when i search it .

Hi I started as a junior in my current role. I also wanted remote work but decided that wouldn’t be possible right away. I managed to get a development job where I have the opportunity to upskill fast. Once probation had passed I am now allowed to do as much remote work as I like however this wasn’t advertised in the post. If it’s a deal breaker for you don’t dismiss posts just because they don’t advertise the position as remote work - you can always ask what’s possible in the interview. All the best!


I am hoping for a similar situation. @naimiii any luck? I have a lot to learn still, and am currently working on making a career transition from Geology/Mapping to Webdev. Problem is I live in coastal Mississippi, just moved here a year ago and there isn’t to many options for webdev jobs down here. Remote would give me wide open opportunity but I know I will likely have to get some kind of experience first.

Sorry for being late, Actually I got a remote job as junior developer in a local start up but I had faced gender descrimination there. I m a front end developer and they had assigned me a task of backend development. Also they did not pay me a single penny in the entire month .I resigned from that job.

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Dang that sucks I am sorry to hear, they probably felt intimidated by you, idk some folks really just don’t know how to treat people like people. No worries on the timing, how is the job search now?

Thanks for the all kind words. Job searching is going well. Will be giving 2 interviews in few days for remote based job. Wish me a Luck please.

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You got it, good luck!

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