Tips for finding a remote job

Hi. Do you have any tips how to find a remote developer job? I sometimes see how people get their developer jobs, and notice how they apply to dozens applications before finding a job. In the countryI live there aren’t a lot of job openings, and I thought maybe I could find remote.

I know googling is the first step, and looked around, but maybe someone has some specific tips. Or even a specific job I could interview for.

I’ll point out my current portfolio -
I write JS apps with Nodejs/Express, react and redux. Familiar with webpack/stylus.
Currently learning how to test js apps. I also have completed CS50, have familiriaty with PHP and Wordpress.


I’m back to working remotely full-time and have written a few articles pertaining to the subject of remote work. I got some good news and bad news, but we’ll start with the bad. Most remote jobs are looking for someone with past dev experience, that’s just the reality. BUT, you can definitely find remote work as a junior–especially contracts.

So here is what I’d suggest. First, ensure that you have above junior level skills. Employers know that with remote workers you won’t be able to piggy back off as seniors as well as you would if you were in office. For this reason, your abilities should be far above junior. Just from browsing your github, I’d say you’re on the right track, but missing testing. I would advise learning testing for both express and react. Beyond that, docker has a pretty big spot in the market right now, it could give you a pretty big leg up.

If you spend everyday improving on those skills, and consistently applying to remote jobs, you should be able to get a few interviews. Bookmark each remote job site and apply to all new jobs that pop up every day. I was checking these sites every morning before sitting down and either completing school work or practicing.

I’m this from my phone, but I’d be delighted to try and help in anyway I can. So if you want to shoot me a PM on here or twitter @iamjwr I will dive into more detail for you when I can reach my laptop


I don’t have any specific jobs to mention, but I can share some insight.

Munsterberg is correct in that skills play a big part. Whether you are junior or senior, remote working devs need to be able to problem solve and pull their own weight. In addition to a solid foundation, the ability to research and troubleshoot things independently is also really important.

One strategy that you could try is freelancing. Companies will be more willing to hire once you’ve already proven you can deliver professionally. You might even be able to find regular employment with a company that you were hired to do a single job for.

Most companies understand that they are taking a big risk by hiring a junior developer to work remotely, so its up to you to show that that risk is worth taking.