I am not able to find work. NEED HELP

I have been trying for the last six months, but I am unable to land a proper remote job or even an internship. I have some experience in web development, more inclined to javascript and node js. In the last year, I had started learning and practicing UI/UX development, and also have completed an internship in a startup, but after that, I have unsuccessful in finding another job in that area.

I need help with guidance. Could someone tell me how to approach this problem, and successfully land a remote job in UI/UX development.

Profiles :
Dribble, Resume

Find me at :
Google “ADTJHA”, you will find me, /adtjha

and I also produce music,
SoundCloud Profile : Aditya-Jha-2

Please HELP,

Are you only looking for remote positions? Remote jobs for entry-level developers are very hard to come by. Junior developers need guidance not only in the company they will be working for but also in their coding. It is very difficult for a company to do that remotely so they usually prefer junior developers be onsite.


If you are looking for junior or internship positions, you likely won’t have much luck with remote positions. It would be better use of time to find some local positions, get a year or two of experience, then use that to leverage your search for remote positions.

With regards to your resume, it doesn’t tell me very much about what you can do. Most people spend around maybe 15-20 seconds skimming your resume. You have a couple of work experiences listed out, but nothing about what you worked on or accomplished there. “Building India’s largest content marketplace” doesn’t really mean much to people looking at your resume, especially if they’re not from India and aren’t aware of what Pepper Content is (I’ve never heard of them before).

List out in a list some of the things you did there starting with action verbs. For example, if you’re wanting more design/UX:

  • Designed a landing page to increase conversion rates by 15%
  • Conducted user research with 300 customers to determine ways to improve customer satisfaction of the product
  • Developed a design system to use across the company’s products with React and Tailwind CSS

Your section on Education also takes up quite a bit of space, but having your 10th grade and 12th grade schools and grades are of much use to people looking at your resume either.

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