How to get a remote developer job for a student?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m currently a French computer science student. I’ll have my bachelor degree next year and I intend to have a master degree.

I’ve done work on FreeCodeCamp, I got my Front-End development certificat and know how to build a full stack app (Using React, Redux, MongoDB, Express, Node).

I’ve seen a lot of people saying they found jobs just with their Front-End development certificate.

Like a lot of students, I have to work to financially cover my studies and I don’t want to do “student job”(work in coffees, etc) anymore.

So, I thought to myself “Why don’t you try to get a developer job ?”

But there are problems like :

  • I could work only in the evening or the end of afternoon and the week end
  • I try to find jobs in France but it seems like they rely more on certificate (usually bachelor degree which I don’t still have) then skills.

So, a part-time remote job would be ideal.

Do you know if for you it is possible ? Or do I still need to wait a few years ?

Thanks in advance for your responses :smile:

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I say if you know how to build a full stack app, go for it! As for the actual remote jobs themselves, you can try stackoverflow’s jobs board,, and as far as I know, has some remote positions floating around. Make a LinkedIn profile if you don’t have one already.


Hello @codefu-chivy.Thanks for this awesome post.Sometimes what some of us need in order to be motivated is a tangible jobs evidence to fuel us to learn infinitely irrespective of current obstacles.

Good day bro.

Oh and by the way,where can i visit here at freeCodeCamp to get help for back end development?I am stuck at how-to-npm.

I have been able to set the Cloud 9 account and created several workspaces but get a problem when it comes to running the app.

If you browse around the forum you’ll see that it’s definitely feasible to secure a job. What I can say for sure is that effort and hard work does not go unrewarded.
I haven’t really explored the beta but I believe it has a written tutorial about npm. If you have questions the best thing you can do is read or ask. There are also some great video tutorials on youtube. Check out The Net Ninja’s node/express tutorial.
If I can suggest something, this is a great place to start learning local development. When I started backend, I also used cloud9, but after I realized I could follow the same tutorial on my local terminal, I found a code editor I liked (VS Code) and started coding there.

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Thank you very much.