Best time chosing for web development

I’m currently 16 years old and want to learn web development. During this lockdown, all the schools and colleges are closed. So I’ve plenty of time. I can learn web development upto 10 hours a day. Now what should I do? Should I divide my 10 hours by 2 and put 5 hours learning web development and 5 hours studying my high school stuffs? Or should I put all the 10 hours learning web development? Studying for high school is not super important but doing this will surely help me. Now please tell and help me, what should I do to be a really great web developer?

Take it from a fellow high school student, don’t try to learn everything at the speed of light, that way you won’t learn much. Take your time m8, you’ll learn more and better that way. Be patient.

Try to make your own projects, it’ll help you on your quest!
And when you get to JS, etc use sites like these to help you exercise your skills!

I hope the advice helps you!


Just like @Ma3_str0,
I’m about your age, just a little bit younger, and I knew a little bit about HTML, CSS and JS. The first time I learned it was really slow, it was for a Cybersecurity project in my class. Then I got caught up in life, and forgot about it.

Then I started to wanting to learn Coding, because it interests me. It took me a whole year to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Now I know them really well, and learning other stuff, like frameworks and other languages became easier. Now I know SASS, jQuery, React, and currently learning Svelte.

What I’m trying to say here is to try to learn it slowly, don’t try to rush it. Here’s a fun fact, young people like us teenagers actually learn new stuff faster than adults, because we are still in a state of learning and implementing new things.

Projects are the best thing to learn coding. Try to make your own projects, it doesn’t matter if it’s small, and ugly, but those ugly codes will help motivate you to learn something a lot more beautiful and nicer.

In conclusion, you can try to code at least 1-2 hours then take a break. Enjoy the beautiful world outside. Try to do something physical, do some exercise. Grab a lunch or something. This is actually when you start to get ideas on making a project or improving one.

If you’re interested, you can try to do the #100DaysOfCode Challenge. I’m currently doing it, and it really helps me.


Thank you so much. It was really helpful. So you want to say that I should both learn web development and keep studying for my high school instead of just learning web development, right?

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Yes, you are right. I also recommend to use these roadmaps - Backend Roadmap and Frontend Roadmap

Thanks again for your valuable information. I’ll keep it in mind.

Ye, balance the 2 but also do other stuff, play games,go outside,etc. It all about managing your time and balancing everything out!

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