Best way to learn code

Hi everyone,
What is the best way to learn code ?
read books or read other developers code …


Write code.


kinda like, what’s the best way to learn how to ride a bike?

first of all, we will learn about the bike.

My son just learned to ride and I promise you he knows nothing about bikes. The way you learn to ride a bike is by falling off enough times :slight_smile:


hey there, if you want to be a good developer, write code atleast 4-5hours a day.

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Hi Matt, I’d like to grasp front end development but I am struggling with the coding. What type of projects did you work on when you were learning. I am struggling with some of the challenges on FCC, and want to broaden my coding skill. Thanks, Roger

Theory is hugely important to mastering programming, just as “theory of bicycles” would be hugely important to competitive bicyclists, but it doesn’t help much in the beginning steps.

Read and write code. Lots of code. Do study theory, but later.

This is a good question but the answer tends to vary by person.

I will tell you how I’ve been learning and maybe it will help you. I’m taking a project based approach so I focus on specific objectives like building a website or automating a repetitive task. Once I identify an objective, I follow these steps:

Research: spend a week or so researching programming languages, frameworks and tools that could be used to build my project.

Learn: watch, read, consume, tutorials to from all over the interwebs to gain a baseline understanding of the languages, frameworks or tool required to build my project. If you’re looking for a place to find good learning content, checkout HackSource. It’s a programming tutorial search engine I’ve been working on that aggregates content from the top content providers.

Build: Once I figure out the basics, I jump in. This is where the real learning happens. Early on, I would spend most of my time Googling, lurking on Stack Overflow and posting on random message boards, etc… Even though it didn’t always feel like it, everyday that I wrote a line of code or learned something new was a win and a step closer to building my project and learning to code.

Repeat: Once I complete my initial objective, I rinse and repeate. Each time I created something new it became a little easier than the last.

After doing this enough times, you will have created tools, sites and other artifacts all the while learning to code. Hope this helps and good luck!


Hey man !

I didn’t studdy code at school and I’ve try to learn online for around a year now. Here is my feedback :slight_smile:

Moocs / Readings, everything making you learn without coding is great for concept and cultural knowledge but won’t teach you anything you can use. I did a mooc about C, found it very easy, concept are logic so simple to grasp etc … Then you try to write a little game and you understand that you can’t do it …

It’s like learning to ride a bicycle : if you learn the theory, when you will climb on it you will know what to do theoretically, but in practice as you will have no balance you will fall instant.

I found it quite hard to learn code by myself on internet because you don’t have human contact or human help (even if people really help you on this forum, it’s not the same than talking to a friend in real life and having a discussion about what doesn’t work, how you can avoid this kind of problems and so on…).

I suggest you if you’re really willing to learn :

don’t give up
do a little bit each day
try different platform but then stick to one for at least a month
try to find friends / people who are learning too and try to work with them
if you have money you can attend to some bootcamp that are actually great because it will force you to spend lot of time and will provide you some human contact with students and "teachers"
don’t rush in, don’t pay crazy money, wait to know more about the eco system and choose when you know what you’re talking about !

Good luck mate, it’s a difficult journey


thank you for reply.

Basically, its a mixture of theory and practice. For the practice, you have the excellent Free Code Camp projects, plus algorithm challenges.

For the theory, you have about 100 million blog posts, video courses, and books to choose between. My advice would be: get yourself a clear learning plan. A good way to do this is to research boot camps and get hold of their syllabuses. You can also look at FCC and the Odin Project. Then just take it step by step. But make sure you practice everything you learn!

Hi, Boda! I suggest you follow Themeforest. it will increase your design sense. just see the creation of other developer and try to make something like that. In a few days, you can make better from other.