Best way to learn css properties

Hi all

What is the best way to learn CSS properties.

It seems there are thousands of color and sizing and tricks in the CSS library.
When I do CSS tutorials, they generally jump around a lot and I think “oh that looks cool, must use that later” and then I promptly forget it or it doesn’t work for some reason in the context I’m using it.

So how do you build up a good knowledge of the possibilities of CSS once you have a good grounding of how it generally works?

Doing a project is obviously one way but I find can be messy and haphazard.
If there are great tutorials you’ve done that walk you through it in a good structured way please let me know.


Heres what i have done before… Learning CSS is not far from learning HTML, If you are good at HTML already, then why cant you in CSS? CSS indeed, is full of tricky things to understand and sytax to memorize. But one thing I can only suggest to you, since i have no links to slap here in my post… Dont memorize…Understand!! Im pretty sure, since i have prove it to myself, Learn CSS 100% and in real world, you can only use upto around 80% of it, thats for sure!!

I would say css is the most important part to be known for a front end developer. html is one thing you may use at free will( not talking about seo or other things). Here an example where i have used just two html tags to build up site.

It seems that the most important thing to learn in css is positioning your elements on page. Then here it comes: dimensions, colors, typography, animations, etc.

Thanks all.

I guess what I’m looking for is a kind of shortcutfoo type exercise that helps me physically practice the properties and what they can do.

I’ve recently been playing with Scrimba. It’s a very interesting platform that allows you to screencast but play with the code of the instructor in realtime. However, like with a lot of tutorials, they jump around a lot with the possibilities.