Is there easy way to master css?

I am learning the web development here. I have a basis of programming so I can understand java script code. But the css is my complex. I want my web pages to be beautiful and dynamic.
Is there any way to learn css quickly?
I know it is a key to practice for long time.
I just want to know any hint to make the web pages looked like my imagine.

Thanks. is best

This is my issue at the moment as well. But I don’t think there is an easy way. Is either you know it or you don’t.

I have been grinding it slowly on properly at a time. And practice. I tend to get impatience, so I know that I should step back and take a deep breath and then go at it again.

I like Memrise. It’s an app for learning basically languages and there are a lot of good courses on different topics including CSS

“Easy” and “master” don’t usually go hand in hand. The best advice is just to pick a few quick courses and work through them–like maybe fCC’s content (or, personnaly, I like this Udacity course). But:

  1. If you haven’t already, sink some time into Bootstrap or Materialize. These are quick ways to use a lot of CSS without necessarily learning a lot of CSS, and get you good-looking results quickly.
  2. Here are some relevant threads full of resources:

Is this really a problem of CSS mark up, or is this a design issue? I’m thinking it’s more design than anything because you said “I can’t get it to look like it does in my head”, which to me means you haven’t gotten it out of your head. You probably have a vague idea and when you turn it into concrete ideas, you find it doesn’t match up with what you think websites should look like.

My advice is to take a piece of paper and draw what you want. CSS mark up is just a tool, what it looks like is something you have to create.

Thank you for your advice.

Thank you @AbdiViklas
Those are all good materials to learn css.
Regards. :+1:

Quick or easy, CSS is neither.

I have written 30k+ lines and most days I feel overwhelmed. I write css professionally, it is in my opinion the hardest part of web development.

The easy way to master CSS is to practice, practice, practice.

Design page layouts in photoshop, and convert them to actual working html/css layouts.

To use this idea further, if you don’t want to waste time on designing, you can download free templates (i think has some), and then try to remake the template without looking at the source code. This helped me a lot.
Happy coding.