Better to delay the portfolio project?

Hello I have the tribute page nearly done. I have a feeling that web design could keep me busy for ever.
It is not very frustrating but every little step takes me 2 hours.
I am considering to carry on with the course and as I get into JS tough questions I can design the portfolio when I need to defocus my mind (aka being stuck lol)
Is it a good idea?

It’s the best idea there is. Free Code Camp takes you through full stack web development, so why would you create your portfolio page only knowing basic HTML/CSS/JS, when you could complete the rest of the course first and come back to it with much more to show?

You can still work on websites while you go through the lessons, or heck, you could update your portfolio bit by bit as you learn more stuff.

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I think what you and MichalClark suggest are totally fine, but I would suggest making it now anyways for the practice.

I think you should make one with whatever you have learned so far, and with a little bit of googling around here and there. You can always add more stuff, or even change the layout completely as you go by. You will feel more confident as well. Just a suggestion though from my personal experience, you can absolutely choose to do whatever you are comfortable with.

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Do it now with skills you have now, then after you learned more stuff do it again :stuck_out_tongue: