Portfolio Page Question (Not a coding question)

Are we supposed to be building the portfolio page before or during the time we are learning Java Script? I’ve been looking at some of the other students pages and they are built using JS and are quite advanced.

Thanks in advance!


It’s up to you, you can start now and finish it later, it will be checked once you want to retrieve the certificate.

I did mine before JS, just to apply some of what I already learned in previous sections but left it open to add stuff as I go along future sections of FCC. Now that I’m 3/4 of the way through JS I could go back an edit it more but have not yet.

Josh Brewer screen shot of portfolio

Thats mine with no JS applied. Hope my rant help lol

It’s very common for folks to go back and redo their portfolio page after they’ve learned more. I’ve almost completely re-written my own twice since getting my front end cert.