Portfolio Page Inquiry

Just a quick question:

I’m noticing on most of the “Portfolio Page” review post, you all have JS coding on your page. JS doesn’t start until after you finish the portfolio page. Do you all already have basic knowledge of JS or after you complete the JS section you go back and update your page? I’m just curious because I don’t have any JS coding on my portfolio page and I was wondering if I missed something

It depends on the functionality you want to include. The portfolio project can easily be done without JS, but if you want to add it then go through those sections first.

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Some people probably came in with a little knowledge of JS. Don’t worry about it. It’s not required for the project. Just meet the user stories and make it look purty.

I didn’t use any JS on my portfolio page and I think it turned out well. But now that I know JS, I would definitely us JS (and more) to make it shine. But the goal of this project isn’t to make the greatest portfolio page ever. It’s to test some basic skills in something that is a watered down real world problem.

Just meet the user stories and make it look purty. When you know enough that you need a real portfolio site, then you can show off.

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I think the other thing you’ll see is that people may create their initial portfolio page with not much in it. Then as they grow in their knowledge they’ll refactor their portfolio to include the later lessons and challenges which is when the JS gets added.

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Okay great. Thank you all so much for the quick responses!! I feel a lot better now.