What would help my portfolio pop?

I’m not done with my personal portfolio yet, but I have the structure I want and have added all the information I have without making it too lengthy.

But, besides that, what are some HTML/CSS elements/methods/etc. that would put the icing on the cake? I haven’t yet dived in to JS on here. I tried it on Codecademy before I joined fCC, but I would prefer to stick with what I’m good at right now before adding too much code I can’t manipulate because I don’t understand it fully yet.

So yeah, what will help my portfolio pop? Gimme your thoughts.

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I’d say to refine what you have

  • Is there any way to to the same thing but simpler and with less lines of code?
  • Are you doing just the bare minimum or are you going out of your way and implement new complementary features?
  • Did you find a particular difficult while developing your portfolio (let’s say correctly assign the display property and manipulate element’s position on a page)? why not turning into a Codepen project that you can explain to others and show your code craftsmanship?
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Thank you for your input! I have been overthinking the project for the past few days, just to realize that since I only know so much, I should keep the flow simple. I didn’t take the project into consideration of teaching others my craftsmanship - at least, not in a deliberate way. I wasn’t trying to do the bare minimum either, but I didn’t want to get too fancy and lose myself in my code, which happened with my first draft.
I’m just going to post my second draft up once I’m done with my responsiveness and see what people say. I’ll tag you in it as well. I suppose it’ll be easier for everyone to actually see it before they can give me pointers, huh?

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Sure thing :slight_smile:

Also, I suggest you strive to find the right balance between adding features and move one to new projects. It’s easy to start projects without finishing them and also expend too much time on a single project doing nitpicks that lead nowhere.

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