Better to do Harvard's CS-50 class prior to Javascript?

I’m just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on whether it’s better to do Harvard’s CS-50 class prior to getting into Javascript?
TBH I started JS a while ago, had a lot of trouble with it, then got away from coding all together a few months ago. Now I’m getting back into it.
I’m just wondering if perhaps the CS-50 class will help me wrap my head around the “big-picture” of coding or help to contextualize what I’m doing with JS…

If it helps, go for it. CS50 teaches the C language, which is quite different than JS, but it may have better explanations of things like conditionals and loops and whatnot (I’ve not actually tried the course). What it definitely won’t cover is anything like OOP, as C is decidedly not an object-oriented language.

I’m not one of those who claims one needs to learn C before other languages, but a fresh perspective with a different language is often helpful. Just be prepared to deal with a language that technically doesn’t even have strings.

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@chuckadams Ok thanks. I guess I misunderstood the course being the fundamental concepts of Programming rather than being specific to a language.

The course definitely covers programming fundamentals, it just happens to use C to implement the examples. Which is an odd choice in today’s programming landscape, being such a low-level language, but it’s certainly a practical skill to have. The fundamentals you get from learning C will carry over into every other language you learn, if not the finer details like syntax or memory management.

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