Distraction between javascript and other languages

I started the javascript course 1 month ago, and in the past week I also started the CS50 introduction to computer science course. I just wanted to ask, if this may cause a kind of distraction to me in learning or if this is better for me.

Hi @mhmddysin120 !

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CS50 is a great course.
The first half focuses on C which is a lower level language.
Then the second half focuses on python and SQL.

CS50 changes a little bit each year.
So I think they cover JavaScript at the very end.
When I took it they didn’t.

But, what worked for me was to just focus on one course at a time.
I did CS50 then returned to the freeCodeCamp curriculum afterwards.

I also think that going cs50 first will give you a really good foundation and understanding of the basics.
Working with C will give you an insight into what is happening within your computer at a lower level.

Hope that helps!

thank u. it really helped me

I think it depends on you. I knew a guy that was learning Russian and Japanese at the same time. I don’t think I could do that, but it seemed to work fine for him. But I think most people would have a hard time balancing those in their head.

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