Is Harvard cs50 course worth

Hello everyone
I have already learnt css , html and am pretty comfortable with them. I have also completed the responsive web design freecodecamp certification. I am now learning Javascript and I have completed half of the Javascript course on freecodecamp. I have seen many people recommending the harvard cs50 course. I am very interested in enrolling in that course since I want to have a very deep understanding of programming concepts. My concern though, is that the course is taught in c programming language and it might be confusing to learn two programming languages at the same time. So, please advise me whether it is alright or I should not enroll in that course.

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Hi @arunakiri2016!

I am about halfway through CS50 and I think you should definitely take the course. The course does start with c and then moves to python halfway through. But this is not a course about C programming or even python for that matter. It is a computer science basics course. You will learn the basics of the C language which has very similar syntax to JavaScript.

Don’t worry about trying to finish the course before the end of the year. The course does get updated slightly in the beginning of the new year but your progress will carry through. Most of the problem sets stay the same.


Definitely - I absolutely loved it!

The effort they put into this course is just amazing. There are lectures, shorts (additional materials), every week there is a homework, which really force you to work on your own and test what you’ve learned so far.

CS50 doesn’t focus on teaching any particular programming language, rather it teaches you how to code and how to think, so I wouldn’t worry about this.

Concept of writing a for loop is going to be the same in Scratch, C, Python and JavaScript.

Also, before I started the course I was looking for some opinions like you are. One person said something like this:

Sign up for CS50 just because you get to learn from this guy…


Couldn’t agree more! All the staff involved in CS50 is amazing but this guy, David Malan, is just on another level. Honestly, when I finished watching the last lecture of the course I was a bit sad that this is over.


The basic logic for programming is language agnostic. I encourage everyone to know a few languages, and C is a good one to know.


Thank you very much for putting your thoughts to words and vlearing my doubt.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for your opinion.

@arunakiri2016 Any time spent learning something new is time well spent. It is beneficial to learn another language such as C. It is quite fascinating to see the way two different languages work.

Also, if you really like the course you can take the follow up course that is CS50 web dev. That course works with Javascript and python more in depth. I planning on taking that after I finish CS50.

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I have heard of it before. will there be a separate certificate for that as well.

Yes. That class is taught by Brian Yu who is the head teaching fellow for CS50. He currently does all of the walkthrough videos for the problem sets. He also teaches the AI course if you are interested in that as well. All of these courses are on EDx. If you want the verified certificate then you have to pay the $90 to EDx. Otherwise it is a free certificate.

@arunakiri2016 I have not done CS50 but as far as I am concerned it is more about computer science theory and concepts and less about the C programming language. Just go for it! Happy CS50ing! :smile: