Should i do the CS50 first

Im looking at the different options i have to pick things back up, im sort of in the place where i have so much learning material i dont know where to start.

I was thinking about beginning with the harvard cs50 course.

I would prefer a practical first approach in general, so my advice would be to start with FCC and then start to explore the theory behind the scene with a course live cs50 (that I found very good), but of course.
It is up to you to decide what is the best approach in your case. :slight_smile:

@craftyhydra I would highly recommend you to start with Harvard’s CS50.

I did some HTML, CSS courses on Codecademy back when I was in high school, I wasn’t aware of freeCodeCamp that time. So what I observed was that after going through the tutorials I wasn’t able to build websites myself. My mind kinda was blank.

Then someday I started working on CS50 and in the first few weeks I realized this is what I needed to get out of that situation. CS50 is the perfect start for anyone looking to get into any field related to Computer Science. They teach you the essentials and then you have to apply those concepts in psets. The psets are just amazing :heart:

You realize the importance of Data structures and algorithms. You learn how to get “unstuck” when you stuck in a problem or when you face an error. You need to teach yourself a new programming language via psets. The teacher David J. Malan is one of the best in the world and the community support is great. You’ll love the course.

You can come back to freeCodeCamp anytime you wish. I used it to learn JavaScript. CS50 introduced me to the very basic fundamentals of JS. I wanted to sharpen my JS knowledge so I worked through fCC’s JS curriculum. I am planning to work more on fCC in the near future.

I believe fCC is amazing and I love it. But in my opinion, I think it’s better to have a strong foundation first. CS50 does exactly that. Once you have built a strong foundation, then everything will become easy for you and then fCC will be the best resource to continue learning web dev :wink:. You can mark my words.

Happy coding.

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I’ve been trying it on edx, not sure I like the format, it’s very hard to get the lecture material, notes and slides.

The pass criterion for week zero I must watch a bunch of videos about ex Harvard students, seemed like a waste of time.

The pass criterion is to submit the psets and final project. There’s no other pass criterion, you can freely skip things.