Bill's 2024 Goals (Jan.-Jun)

My goals for the first six months of 2024

(not sure why I can't get the above centered in markdown)
  • Submit my first Frontend Mentor Challenge (QR Code Component) on Github I hope to get feedback so I can get better
  • Continue to work on The Odin Project
  • Continue to study, and practice html, css, JavaScript, json (via freeCodeCamp), and how to use Visual Studio Code, Markdown language, Git, and Github
  • Learn to use validators, and linters
  • Learn to use a debugging console
    • Earn trust level 3 in freeCodeCamp*
  • Learn about, and use pair programming (find willing people [my time zone is China Standard Time normally I have time in the morning to noon or late at night])
  • Try to complete challenges several times a week on
  • Combine my Toastmasters level 5 project with freeCodeCamp projects the survey, and a tribute page (I need to figure out where/how to host it for free and people able to see the webpage, and survey not just the code also need to build a team)
  • Figure out how to earn badge for contribute
  • Earn my Responsive Web Design certificate
  • Earn my JavaScript Algorithms Data Structures certificate providing enough time to complete perhaps others can tell me if it is possible
  • Try 100 days of coding in freeCodeCamp
  • Find ways to better describe issues, as well as teach/guide others (better communication)

If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or challenges for me feel free to let me know.


Congratulations on setting up your goals for the first six months of 2024.

I wish you great success and blessings to surround all of the success and challenges for you.

Cheers for 2024!

I already completed one of my goals .
Yesterday, I submitted my my first Frontend Mentor Challenge (QR Code Component) on Github.
Now to continue to finish other goals listed, and create new goals as I complete them. Happy New Year! 2024